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I'm 100%, I like hangin with friends and family, Like to Camp, Swim and Love goin to clubs and bars, I like goin to the movies, I love music my fav. is Reggaeton, and hip-hop and a lil pop Sex sex sex sex sex I want a man that is like me and that is true and wants to be friends at first then see where it goes.

. No men over 35 but if ur a Jock then yea but no FAT guyz 2.....

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I am a very loving/caring woman thats looking for a serious relationship with a great man, i dont like to play games and i hate liars and cheaters, i want someone who is funny, smart

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I'm 65 years young. Single, financially secure home owner. I'm very active and an avid motorcycle rider. have two motorcycles. Like fine dining and too much to mention on this page. I'll try anything once.I'm as comfortable in a tux as I am in jeans & motorcycle boots.

Not too awfully bad to look at. I'm a well mannered gentleman in public but have no inhabitions in private. I'll try anything once and I'm very very passionate.

Don't need a one night stand. No pros. Sex sex sex sex sex Seeking a one on one long term relationship with a discrete well mannered woman who likes to receive oral sex for long long preiods of time.

Likes to have fun and likes most of my interests. Preferably over 40.

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im 23 just looking for summertime fun right now... looking for NSA only if your 18-48 and you think your hot then send me a message. moving to VT in 2 weeks so trying to have as much fun beforehand(i hate how many women on here want somthing more then one night stands or short little s even tho this site is named , dumbass.

..) wanna have fun send me a message :] no men, no fatties, thank you...

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i am everything you could want & never really have. just here for fun and games.....come Sex sex sex sex sex and get me

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I'm easy going love to go out and have fun no matter where i go i try to have a good time, I'm currently a college student working towards becoming an elementary teacher as well as going for the nursing real crossdressers sex video field.

I enjoy on nice days and while not attending school i love going out with my friends to bars and maybe chilling by a campsite having fun hiking, horse back riding, or just being one with nature.

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Open Minded guys, 18 to 30 ONLY Please

Hey guys. I am a 29 year old woman that works in education in Chattanooga. My friend and partner is a 37 year old male that works as a small business man in the area. We are not "boyfriend" and "girlfriend", or a COUPLE, just friends that happen to like the same thing and are comfortable with one another and have known one another for years.

We are looking for guys for 3 ways BUT prior to that we have a "screening" process AND I have certain things I/we am looking for in potential partners. I enjoy watching him give a hot guy a blowjob to orgasm.

I like being in the "middle" of things so to speak but not until we know we can trust you. I also enjoy oral sex, and sometimes more depending on the guy. I really enjoy having him suck a guy off while I am riding the guy's face! I'm getting carried away! Read on before you write and make sure you understand fully what we are looking for BEFORE you email.

Sex sex sex sex sex As I said, we have been on for a few years now and prior to "screening" guys we met some real winners! You would have to live in our small, southern, city to understand this but having a sexual lifestyle that is not the norm is not the most excepted thing in the world.

I work in education and in the best of times it is a sensitive area. My father is a retired minister and my family has a very "rural" background.

The reason I mention this is that I do not want ANYONE to know who I am, where I work, my home address, telephone number or any personal information about me UNTIL they have met my partner and he is "ok" with them.

This is NOT negotiable and the terms will not change. Now let me give you an idea of what we are looking for and what the terms for meet are.

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My name is Shauna Leigh.... Shauna for short ima cheerleader!! i love baseball.. HUGE red sox fan!!! bummed they didnt make it ta da world series!! Ima be joining da US Army in june.. ta be a mechanic!! I love hiking and being outdoors! I am a sweet person but dont push muh buttons!! lol.

..i love music without it i think i would die!!! i love horses && muhh puppy!!! i love sports but i hate hockey.. sry boys!! i also love ta go running and looking up at da stars at night tyme.

. its jus beautiful && peaceful... i love muh friends and family...love having a good tyme and being around positive ppl!!! i will be welcoming a new baby boy into this world.

. yes everyone I am pregnant!! =]] His Name is Brayden... Its been quite a while since i have been on here alot has changed in muh life.. Army is still going to happen as of Jan 2010! Very excited about that!! =]] Well thats all for now =]] Sex sex sex sex sex Ima not really looking for a per say jus here ta meet some new ppl and get ta know em.

. if something becomes of it so be it u cant stop fait..[[ima not too good at spelling]]...but ne ways Well u gota be at least somewhat attractive.

.so if u ugly DONT MESSAGE me or IM me lol but uhh i like ppl dat have a good personality and a great sense of humor bc i LOVE ta laugh!! I love Miliary men... but if ur not dats cool.

.. i guess if u think u got what it takes then heyyyy hit me up if not layta!!

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lost and not found nor so likley to be

umm......I don't know what to write on here, but appearantly I should sign up again because real crossdressers sex video it's been QUITE a while since I've been on here and can't remember my login info

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Not newbies but still rookies

We are a happily married couple of 8 years looking to add some spice to our sex lives. She enjoys light domination (blindfolds, light spanking, restrainsts and nicely! being told what to do). Anything but real pain.

He likes to be seduced.Looking for a 2 on 1 situation (mw/m or mw/w) or straight swapping, preferably. : No singles at this time, would like to find a couple to play with first. Same room sex only.

We've done this once before with a couple we were really comfortable with, but they live out of town. We're still really curious but not sure where to start. We're open-minded and interested, but not looking for anything sleazy.

Sex sex sex sex sex Looking for a couple that can be discrete, as we both hold professional careers. We are willing to host or to drive a short distance in order to meet another couple.

It would be nice if we could find a couple that we felt comfortable with and could arrange regular get togethers.

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